Coming Summer 2021 A Global Learning Expedition … enabling students worldwide to develop professional & intercultural skills online and re-design how we learn, work and
live together in the future
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Are you ready to re-design how we learn, work and live in the future?

Calling engaged students and future leaders worldwide from every year group and discipline to join Thriving Online. This Global Learning Expedition for innovation and skills development will take place in the summer of 2021.

Over the course of a week you will work in a multidisciplinary, international team to address the challenges we face right now as our world is disrupted by COVID-19. How can we go beyond mere survival, and truly thrive online in education, in the digital workplace and in our communities, all the while ensuring that our unique planet is thriving too!

With inspirational talks, skills workshops, career insights, networking sessions and creative teamwork supported by world-class coaches, all Global Learning Expedition participants will gain essential workplace skills and discover a range of industries and career paths, to hit the ground running on your career-search.

A diverse and truly global cohort of up to 120 selected students will work together in teams to design, develop and present their innovative ideas, leading to a thrilling global finale where the best solutions to enable ‘Thriving Online’ will be pitched to an expert Jury and global audience of academia, NGOs and industry leaders.

This unique opportunity for students worldwide is delivered by multi-award-winning global design agency Petrus, the team behind a range of impactful educational, interactive and experiential learning programmes and challenges. This includes Airbus Fly Your Ideas, Airnovation Summer Academy, Total Energy Summer School and the Dassault Systèmes Sustainability Challenge.

Get a glimpse of what the latest Global Learning Expedition, designed and delivered for the University of Exeter, UK, in February 2021, looked like!

“It was a fantastic way for students to gain some global experience without having to travel abroad,

which is challenging in the best of times and impossible now.”


Jenna Carpenter, Dean of Engineering Campbell University, USA


For Students

Shape the future and make a difference with your ideas!

  • International network
  • Career insights
  • Enhance your resume
  • Master online collaboration
  • Key professional skills
  • Certificate

For Universities

  • A guide to best practice and resources to develop your own experiential learning programmes of this kind.
  • A valuable learning experience for your students to develop employability skills and kick start their career.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your student well-being and career success.

For Companies

  • Engage with a global cohort of talented students who have developed essential workplace skills.
  • A valuable opportunity to gain insight into the workplace expectations and needs of the next generation.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the online well-being of the next generation.

NEW! Participation enables access to Global Learning Expedition alumni community and further opportunities including virtual internships and global student challenges.

Hear from Karis, a 3rd year student who participated in a Global Learning Expedition we designed and delivered for the University of Exeter in February 2021.

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend – the personal growth and professional development derived is unlike anything I’ve experienced before!”

5th year, dual masters student in Aerospace Engineering and Law,
Thriving Online 2020 participant RMIT/Deakin University, Australia (25-28 Sep 2020)

“The sessions were just spectacular, I have learned so much with this programme.”

3rd year student, Thriving Online 2020 participant Universidad de los Andes, Columbia (25-28 Sep 2020)

Programme Features

How to get involved

I am a student

Event fee: The cost per student is €650 / 780USD.

Participants can be self-funded, supported by their university or selected via a diverse global process for one of the limited sponsored places available.

Email info@the-global-learning-expedition.com to find out if your university is already supporting the programme.

I am a university representative

As a university you can support your students by funding their places in the programme at €650 (c.780 USD). To find out more please contact Laura Alistar at laura@petruscommunications.com. Universities can select the students to join the programme, or students can apply via the online application form.

Participating universities can nominate faculty to join the programme or the coaching team if wished.

If your institution cannot fund places but you would still like to propose this opportunity to your students, you can use the flyer here to do so, and let us know if you need more information.

I am a company representative

For the programme to be as diverse and inclusive as possible we are looking for companies to provide sponsorship for excellent students whose university cannot fund their place and who cannot pay for themselves.

Corporate partners can sponsor carefully selected students, or send interns or trainees at a cost of €650 (c.780 USD) per place.

Company staff can join as speakers, experts, jury or coaches to interact with the students.

To discuss this further, please contact Laura Alistar at laura@petruscommunications.com. Corporate partners can select the students they wish to support to join the programme, send existing interns or trainees, or support students who are successful in their application via the global process.

Hear from Thriving Online 2020 participants


If you would like to become a partner of the Global Learning Expedition, promote it and support students to participate or simply have any questions about the programme, don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@the-global-learning-expedition.com

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