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Build Back Better: Student Ideas

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Mihai Eminescu Trust

Mihai Eminescu Trust philosophy is based on the recognition and love towards the values arisen from the foundation’s experience and that of past generations, all adapted to current needs. MET supports the spirit of community, the richness brought about by ethnic diversity and multicultural integration, as it has done for 20 years. Through these values, we live in the present and act with integrity and responsibility towards the common good, for long-term results and for the benefit of future generations.


The Roma Center for Public Policies (SASTIPEN) is a non-governmental association founded in 2007 which aims to analyse and develop health policies, as well as strategies and public health interventions, with a focus on Roma communities, in order to improve the health situation of members of this minority group. At the same time, SASTIPEN has a particular interest in promoting and changing health habits and practices, as well as the community development of disadvantaged groups in Romania.

Hospice Casa Sperantei

HOSPICE – Casa Speranței is the largest foundation in Romania offering free palliative care services. The organization runs two hospitals in Braşov and Bucharest, a socio-medical centre for ill children in Adunaţii Copăceni, as well as mobile teams in Făgăraş and Zărneşti, for the care of patients diagnosed with incurable illnesses. HOSPICE has developed complete palliative care services, offered in day centres, in patient units, outpatient units, as well as in the patient homes and in the partner hospitals. Since 1992, HOSPICE has brought comfort and hope to approximately 40.000 children and adults suffering from an incurable illness.

HOSPICE Casa Speranţei develops palliative care at a national and international level by information, educational programs destined for the professionals, patients, and community as well as by advocacy and improvement of the current legislation.

Reality Check

Through field monitoring, Reality Check verifies how laws are being applied, in order to help impoverished communities. The organisation analyzes gaps in laws or procedures and proposes public policies to fix these. It also informs, trains and mentors public employees, in order to help them apply legislation better.